Women Investors and Their Success Potential

Women in the financial world need help?

  • If you are a woman seeking financial information , on investments and related areas, we treat you no differently as we do the men we advise. The media and those who offer their wares and services on the internet make a big noise about how they offer special services for women when it comes to finance.We assure you they are mistaken, or they are guilty of trying to con you for marketing purposes.
Victimizing women by making them feel inferior
  • When women are told they are different when it comes to making financial decisions, they are being victimized. Either by ignorant advisors or they are being "taken" by those who are trying to sell their services with a different, albeit to what amounts to a sexist approach.
  • Some sales women feel it is simpler to sell other women by making them feel different. This is done primarily as a marketing crutch when the sales person has little else to offer that is different. Others have to have a gimmick to help open doors and they separate women as a class in need of special attention.
Financial information is fungible
  • The only time some women need special treatment is when they need basic instruction in investing. especially those widows or divorcees whose earlier spouses had attended to family finances.
  • In short, women who seek help with financial concerns have the same problems , solutions and opportunities as men. To imply otherwise is insulting to women.

Women Investor UPDATES

  • Be careful of advisers who say they treat you differently because youĂ­re a woman.
  • Salesmen who specialize in counseling women are either stupid or charlatans, or both.