Better Odds for Women in Business

Do women in business world need special help?
If you are a woman seeking information on different aspects of business matters we treat you no differently as we do the men we advise.

The media and those who offer their wares and services on the internet make a big noise about how they offer special services for women when it comes to business. They make the assumption that somehow, women are to be treated differently than men in the business world. That women are more fragile. And by inference, that women are not quite as sharp. That is all nonsense.

Mistaken assumptions
We assure you the conventional media are mistaken, or guilty of trying to con you for their personal marketing purposes. The writers are attempting to ingratiate themselves with women while conning them.

The bottom line: When women are told they are different when it comes to business, they are being victimized by either ignorant advisors or they are being "taken" by those who are trying to sell their wares with a different, and what amounts to a sexist approach.

Marketing gimmicks addressed to women
Some women who sell products or advice, in particular, feel it is simpler to sell other women by making their prospects feel a world apart. They also wrongly assume that only women can understand a woman in business. Others have to have a gimmick to help open doors and they separate women as a class in need of special attention, to accomplish that objective.

But be assured. What holds as good advice on business matters will hold equally true for women as it does for men. The same precautions about business that apply to men ought to apply as well to women.

There are times when there is a difference in how women are treated. Medicine and medical treatment for example. Or fashions . Or some aspects that pertain to consumer matters. But women who seek help with business concerns have the same problems, solutions and opportunities as men. To imply otherwise is insulting to women.

Women-in-Business UPDATES

  • Be careful of advisers who say they treat you differently because you're a woman.
  • Salesmen who make a specialty of dealing with women in business are using guile.