Selling A Business for More Profit

Selling a Business.

  • Learn the way to enhance small business selling prices.
  • How best to negotiate the best possible price.
  • How to protect yourself from snooping business "shoppers".
  • How business pricing formulas vary.
Other Points to Remember.
  1. The importance of including all the necessary terms and conditions in the contract negotiations.
  2. How to evaluate the buyer's ability to continue making payout installments to you.
  3. Ideas you can get about selling your business from the Business Opportunities ads.
  4. The checklist of essential points to use when you hire a lawyer to assist in the sale of the business.
  5. Determining the pros and cons of selling a franchise or license for your product or service.
  6. Marketing assistance you ought to provide franchisees.
Selling Franchises and Licenses.
  • Franchising filings must be made with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Franchising your existing business units or branches.
  • The management facilities and capabilities you ought to have for worthwhile franchising activity.
  • How franchisers can expect to fare when brought to court by franchisees.
  • Possible racketeering charges that franchisers may eventually face.
  • Different types of licenses you can offer.
  • The potential sale of "specialty" licenses.

Selling a Business UPDATES

  • Judge a buyer's management expertise for running the business properly.
  • Elect to take stock and not cash from the buyer.
  • Sell the company to your employees with an ESOP if you have good cash flow.