Smart Legal Alerts

Here are legal points and alerts to keep you aware of your personal risks and how you can maximize your security.

Legal Management

  • Learn the "reasonable judgment rule" in management.
  • Learn how to choose your board of directors.
  • Learn the dangers that await you when you sit on any board of directors.
  • Learn about Joint and Several liability with regard to board members.
Fraud No-No's
  • Learn how small business operators can become easy marks.
  • Learn of the cheaper ways of combating shoplifting.
  • Learn the fraud claims of which company principals can be accused.
  • Learn the implications of fraudulent conveyance laws.
  • Learn why you should not use "bait and switch" tactics.
  • Learn what actions constitute extortion.
  • Learn how to avoid making merchandise swindles.
Employee Contractual Considerations
  • Learn the twelve questions you cannot ask when you recruit.
  • Learn what to observe when you hire under affirmative action or implied quota obligations.
  • Lean how to deal with labor unions.
  • Learn the "hire to fire" attitude when recruiting.
  • Learn what you may and may not divulge about your employees.
  • Learn how to prevent employees from competing with you.

Directing-Your-Lawyer UPDATES

  • RICO can spell trouble for you.
  • Internal audits that uncover employee theft.
  • How to avoid paying phony bills.
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