Job Planning can add to your Security

Job ideas to give you more earnings and satisfaction
because they are more practical than the usual.

Job Planning Hints

  • Job plans that enable you to hone your skills while on the job.
  • Job plans that keep you informed of what works and what doesn't work in planning.
  • Job plans that can enable you to make profitable career changes at all times.

Jobs and College

Skills do not mean college necessarily. Skills learned in college are usually not specific. Unless you become a doctor or a scientist, college teaches you general skills, not the specific skills you often need on a job.

Job Planning UPDATES

  • Job skills are what provide security-at all times and in all business cycles. The ability to have skills that are always in demand is the only job security you can attain.
  • These skills can be attained on the job as well as off the job. Many times the skills can be learned part-time while at work.
  • The more skills you have, the better the selection of career choices, despite the cycle of the economy you may be in.