Factual, Unbiased and Independent Franchise Information

Should you buy a franchise?

  • Don't buy a franchise unless you get top name recognition.
  • Don't buy unless you are certain you'll actually receive the managerial help.
  • Most franchise offerings by far fail both tests. There is still no guarantee you'll get proper management aid, or name recognition from them. Yet, they should be the prime reasons behind the purchase of a franchise. Why bother paying a substantial fee up front, with ongoing royalties each year, if you get no name recognitions and no management assistance.
Frequent franchise failures to perform.
  • Their Federal Trade Commission filings offer background information.
  • Promises from franchisers always sound good.
  • Their sales presentations look great.
  • Most offerings by far fail to deliver what has been offered in grandiose terms.
  • Franchise salesmen expertise is primarily not the management type you seek.

Franchise UPDATES

  • The media and promotional ballyhoo about franchise opportunities and profitability is just that-promotional ballyhoo. Most reporters take the franchiser's raw press releases for their comments.
  • Franchisees often aren't happy with their franchiser. That's why they frequently form associations with fellow franchisees- to get promised services.
  • Franchisees inevitably want to cut royalties they owe. They find that even when they are successful, they frequently pay out half of their bottom line in the form of royalties on sales.