Getting Easier Business Financing

You usually have a variety of financing sources. The question is how to select the best for you and your company.

Some interesting information we can provide:

Sources of Capital

  • The use of your personal assets.
  • Dealing with banks and institutional lenders.
  • Alternative-type forms of financing.
  • Acquiring partners and associates.
  • Negotiating with suppliers for credit.
  • Use of consultants/money finders.
  • Seeking venture capital.
  • Government financing sources.
Credit Sand Traps
  • Escaping creditors.
  • Joint and several liability problems.
  • Improving weak personal credit standing.
  • Correcting erroneous credit files.
  • Legally protecting your assets from creditors.

Credit Information UPDATES

  • The capital you need can be calculated by tripling the negative cash flow.
  • General asset safeguards are easy to spot-when you are looking.
  • Getting financial facts from the footnotes.