Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

How expert must I be to profit from your advice?
You don't have to be a professional to prosper with our services. But if you are a professional, we can help steady you and keep you less confused. In short-we can adapt our service to exactly your level of market knowledge.

Why do so many investors fail to achieve optimum results?
Most people know investment basics. But that only gets them into the game. Mutual fund managers certainly know basics but they manage to underperform the market averages more often than not. Most professionals and average investors fail to realize that everyone knows the basics but that is never a guarantee for beating the odds. It's disciplined strategy most fail to implement.

Do you recommend individual securities?
We never recommend individual stocks and other securities because our observation of thousands of impartial off-Wall Street research indicates that it does not do the job for the astute investor. Every stock that is a good buy today will some time in the future be ripe for sale. The confusion arises when that sale comes about. We recommend indexes and do help screen for securities to buy.

What do you mean by strategy? Doesn't every Wall Street pro have them?
Believe it or not, what goes for strategy among professionals is often a hodgepodge. We have refined each of over 1600 strategies that are used at some time or another. We have refined them down to their essence in order to get at a useful version of strategy. Example: Buying a stock with high earnings growth and a relatively low price/earnings actually represents two strategies.

What difference does it make if you mix strategies?
Built into each strategy is the reason not only for buying a security but also for selling it. Mix and confuse strategies and you have mixed the essence of the selling point for what security you have bought.

What do you mean by an investment game plan?
Every investor must know in advance the specific strategy to be used for a security. Itís comparable to the game plan a football coach uses. The same way a coach knows his teamís ability and the way his quarterback will attempt passes or form of ground attack, so will the investment game plan take into account an investors psychology, financial cushion, and financial responsibilities. Diversion of such game plan in either case will reduce the odds for success.

What about experts who outperform the markets?
Very few experts can outperform the markets consistently. Most of those who claim they consistently have above-average results, in reality do not. Either they lie (they're not subject to audits) or they overlook expenses and extraordinary taxes, or they fudge on comparison dates.

Do you use chat rooms?
No, and for a good reason. We offer a disciplined approach to investing. Chat rooms with an overabundance of investing chatter-often redundant and contradicting-automatically lead to a complete lack of investing discipline. Open discussions never give you an advantage. They do add to investing headaches.