College-Planning Ideas that are More Credible. Does college give you better chances for success?
This is not as assured as the usual comments on college will imply.

Does college give you more earnings over your work career?
This is not as certain as some of the estimates purport it to be.

When should college be a primary goal and when should it not?
There are times when college should not be the goal for success.

How off-campus college offers top degrees at low cost.
Getting formal degrees over the internet from top schools.

College Facts of Life

College is the preferred pathway for students, especially if they are able enough to get scholarships.

College is a major roadblock for those who are not truly students but who go to college for the social aspects.

College is more costly to parents than many of them realize. It can make the difference between a comfortable and a traumatic retirement experience.

College Planning UPDATES

  • A parent caution: "Ruin your retirement nest egg. Send a stupid kid to college." This motto should be impressed in the brains of every parent who means well and wants to do well with their children.
  • A parent caution:Think twice about bankrupting yourself if your kid is not a scholar. Retirement planners that command the media overlook this fundamental fact of life. Sending a kid to college if the kid is not a bonafide student can be the bane of retirement planning.
  • The public has gotten to the point where going-to-college is supposed to be the only way to get an education.Starting with school and the role of college, parents and students get a constant barrage of information that may not be in their interest.