How do you benefit more: Buy An Established Business or Start From Scratch?

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Buying a Business

  • Buying procedures for acquiring a business can make or break future success.
  • Pricing the purchase of a business takes some simple fundamentals.
  • The buying agreement can present pitfalls you can easily avoid.
  • Business brokers may help you, if you know what to ask them to do.
Buying a Franchise
  • Franchise traps are all over the place.
  • Master franchises can present opportunities but often are a snare.
  • Buying licenses may make sense when franchises do not, if you know what to buy.
Buying Ownership
  • Buying into a partnership takes the wisdom of Solomon.
  • Buying into a corporation is full of literal booby traps.

Franchise UPDATES

  • The media and promotional ballyhoo about franchise opportunities and profitability is just that-promotional ballyhoo. Most reporters take the franchiser's raw press releases for their comments.
  • Franchisees often aren't happy with their franchiser. That's why they frequently form associations with fellow franchisees- to get promised services.
  • Franchisees often want to cut royalties they pay. They find that even where they are successful, they often pay out half of their bottom line in the form of royalties they pay on sales.