Proper Business Structure and Organization

Legal Questions in Organizing a Business that must be answered for maximum profit-making with minimal risks.

Non-Corporate Organizational Structure

  • How to quickly set up a proprietorship.
  • How the pros and cons dictate the choice of a proprietorship form of business.
  • How to properly set up a partnership.
  • How the pros and cons of a partnership point to that form of business.
  • How to decide on the use of LLC organizations.
  • How to consider the pros and cons of LLC organizations.
Corporate Organizational Structure
  • How the pros and cons of having a corporation help you make your decision.
  • How to know when to have more than one corporate structure.
  • How to decide on the use of a chapter "S"corporation.
  • How "not-for-profit" corporations make sense to you.
  • How you can make "profits" when you have a "not-for-profit" corporation.
  • How to use "multi-corporations" to advantage.
Business Location
  • How to choose your state of incorporation.
  • How the differences in state labor laws can affect you.
  • How the transportation consideration should locate your business.
Legal Help for Business Organizations
  • How and when to use a lawyer for starting up a business.
  • How to use a "notary public."
  • How to keep corporate books in order.
  • How to frame questions to ask your lawyer.

Organizational Structure UPDATES

  • The responsibility of corporate officers and directors should keep you on constant alert.
  • Not-for-profit companies are often the most profitable you can utilize.
  • The corporation may not protect you personally if the corporate veil can be pierced.
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