Earl J. Weinreb's Biography

Earl Weinreb has had his share of book learning. His undergraduate college degree was in science. His over three years of graduate school study was in business, corporate finance and the money markets.

He has in the past free lanced for such publications as Barrons,Trusts & Estates, the Financial Analyst, and a number of business and retirement journals.

His books include, in part, Investing in Security(tm), Buying & Selling Discipline (tm), Controlled Strategy Discipline (tm) and the unique and seminal Comprehensive Strategy Register (tm). He has written scores of articles on business management, finance, careers, and retirement planning.

His Unusual Analytical Experience

Earl J. Weinreb is the senior editor of our web site as well as the president of Multi-Strategy Publishers, Inc. He has accomplished more than most experts in the investment community:
  • As a senior investment analyst for a major Wall Street firm.
  • As an independent investment researcher.
  • As a top-level business manager.
  • As a critic of the experts who purport to have a proficiency in securities markets.
Weinreb has hobnobbed with analysts of all stripes and varieties. He has discovered exactly what they actually know about the markets, their psychological twists, the extent of their expertise and their shortcomings. He sees the analytical industry from the inside and therefore has a glimpse that few financial commentators, traders and investors get to see.

His Investment Community Observations

He has noted that little independent thought comes from the analytical professional ranks. What goes for research on Wall Street is primarily reports on companies. Little is done on all-important strategy. Most analysts and money managers have no time for careful, insightful thought. Moreover, the investment community is incestuous, feeding on itself in a way which foments herd-like and impulsive instincts. Inanities and gibberish can often become gospel, owing to repetition over the years.

He soon discovered why markets can be so rash and erratic. When institutional investors account for 80% and more of trades, why should the markets have to behave so erratically? Wall Street "wizards" invariably act in a mob-like manner and not as true experts. Their investment results speak accordingly.

Moreover, Mr. Weinreb also has been on the other side of the analytical equation. Unlike others on Wall Street, he has operated scores of businesses, large and small and has had actual top business management experience. Mr. Weinreb has therefore been able to critique those whose job it is to appraise corporate management . He has found to his dismay that very few analysts have the ability to truly understand managerial techniques from hands-on experience.

Most important of all, Earl Weinreb has bothered to document all the strategies used on Wall Street by professionals, and has looked at their pros and cons and other characteristics as they apply to professional and average investor use.

Earl Weinreb's Comprehensive Strategy Register(tm)

The Comprehensive Strategy Registerô and the strategy rules that he has developed are predicated on his long-term study of independent, deeply explorative and exhaustive research reports. Earl Weinreb has taken all the essential time to accomplish that knowledge, well over thirty years of investigation of independent research of others, as well as what he has done on his own.

He has gone into literally thousands of articles on research concerning investment strategies. And he has devised some logical conclusions. What is more, he makes a bibliography of the research he has, available for his clients and subscribers.

A Wealth of Useful Strategies

From all this, Earl Weinreb has found the use of, and has evaluated:
  • Over 1600 bona fide strategies.
  • In a compilation for both professional traders and just ordinary investors.
  • With detailed and classified strategy for disciplined use, to include:
    • The pros of cons of each strategy.
    • The logical selling flags for that strategy.
The purpose of Mr. Weinreb's investigation of literally thousands of independent studies of strategies and investing techniques helped him delve into ways to simplify investment techniques and permit a more successful approach to trading and investing. The objective: To increase the odds of success for all investors. Investing need not be a Zero-sum game where someone has to outsmart someone else in order to win. Yet, that is the way most Wall Street pundits operate today.

Comments on Earl Weinreb's Work

Commentaries have been highly laudatory on Earl Weinreb's original work on investing, Buying & Selling Disciplineô. His work has been called seminal in scope and has been referred to as the "first real change in Wall Street thinking since Ben Graham...." whose work was first developed in the 1930's.

This is no idle commentary. When you read Buying & Selling Discipline ô and the more recent Controlled Strategy Disciplineô insights, you can forget 99% of the information from Wall Street with which you are now bombarded. You can thus receive less "noise" that leads to the impulsive actions that deter most professional and amateur investors from achieving optimum investment results. Furthermore, you will learn not to take advice from investment professionals who gain directly from the information given.

Earl Weinreb's Warning

Earl Weinreb continually cautions that you can get trapped by faulty advice.

In finance, it comes from a media and even professionals who have not as yet discovered that much of their expertise comes from unexplored and unquestioned adages, tenets and myths.

You take their recommendations at your own risk. You rarely find useful know-how from among these advisors. Accountants and lawyers are not the usual solution. They often are not sharp when considering business and financial problems, other than those that apply to their own work.

Practical Management Experience

Securities analysts constantly critique management of the companies they review. Yet very few have the hands-on ability to understand how a business operates from the inside, not the ivory towers of Wall Street. Earl Weinreb also knows how to convert business dreams into reality. He has been a major stockholder, officer, and director in both private and publicly held companies. Over 100 entities all together, most of which have been successful. One example: A major publicly-owned employment contracting firm he started from zero, which grew to 74 coast-to-coast offices, by the time he sold his interests.

Disciplined strategy

Both professional and ordinary or average investors must use strategy that suits them and their objectives best. The strategy to be used by each should depend on that investorís personal goals and investment purposes.

The characteristics of individual investors must be considered: Risks they can take; their knowledge of the securities markets; and personal distinctions such as age, number of dependents, financial status and risk-comfort.

In short: Earl Weinreb provides a totally different definition to the term "expert", one that is universally misused by ambitious gurus with whom we are beset in the media.

Remember: You donít have to hit the jackpot each time you invest. You just have to tilt the odds in your favor.

You donít have to be an investment professional or a genius. Simply learn the easy basics you should know. Controlled Strategy Discipline is the solution because it logically helps tilt the odds for investment success in your favor. Adjusting the odds for success favorably is the ultimate investment goal.