Investing by the Bible for Assurance and Profit

Religious investors can benefit from their investments. Our basic investment news helps both believers and nonbelievers cope with the intricate forms of investment. Basic publications we offer can be of invaluable assistance. They help you overcome the confusion that usually accompanies securities markets.

Religious investors are no different in their financial goals. Investors who follow the markets are invariably impulsive in their actions. Investors who are impulsive don't do as well as those who are disciplined.

Biblical investing views and ideas give you more peace of mind. You enjoy more security with less risk.

Bible investing views and ideas give you better results Because it's practical and useful.

Christian investing views and ideas give you better investing odds because it's disciplined and not impulsive.

Investment facts

All approaches to investment are basic in the way you go about an investment game plan that enhances discipline to improve investment odds. We advise you about various forms of investment, including those other than the stock market. Another suggests ways to maintain financial records over the years. And of course, we suggest a manual for those who believe in Biblical prophecy.

Bible Prophecy

Our basic manual can be used to help guide and explain suitable stocks, bonds and mutual funds investment. They can be used to full advantage by both Biblical believers and nonbelievers.

This goes further than the usual idea of "ethical" investing.

The latter is an overused, inconsequential means of "doing good." Many investors select securities and mutual funds which do not invest in tobacco or liquor stocks, or in companies that help "pollute" the air and our waters. They look for companies which ostensibly treat their employees well and do not discriminate in selecting their staff. On closer inspection, however, we find this attempt to accomplish goals as simply lip service and impractical. The standards by which companies merit their selection is far too frequently arbitrary and impractical.

We go one step further.

We also provide a financial publication that is designed for investors who believe in the Book of Revelations and Book of Daniel. End-time predictions should dictate a different form of investment for believers.

Bible Prophecy Finances UPDATES

  • Our financial approach to Biblical Prophecy has nothing to do with mere "feel-good" philosophy that is mistakenly taken as Biblical admonition.
  • Our financial view of Biblical Prophecy has nothing to do with mere preserving the environment or being against the purchase of securities that are involved with tobacco and alcohol.