Bankruptcy Filing

Personal bankruptcy consideration for you to make

Personal and Business Bankruptcy
  • Know how to protect your credit standing with simple steps.
  • Know how to escape your creditors honorably and correctly.
  • Know how to avoid personal guarantees or being a guarantor.
  • Know how to improve your weak credit standing.
  • Know how to correct erroneous credit bureau files about you.
  • Know how to legally protect your assets from creditors.
Bankruptcy Filings of Those Who Owe You
  • Know how to handle your customers' "bounced" checks.
  • Know what "post-dated" checks are, and their significance when you try collecting them.
  • Know how to readily recognize a potentially soon-to-be bankrupt customer.
  • Know how to notice signs of possible bankruptcy fraud against you.
  • Know how to set up bankruptcy fraud safeguards before you get hurt.
  • Know how to speed up your bill collections from customers.

Personal and Business Bankruptcy UPDATES

  • Use personal and business bankruptcy as a last resort.
  • Negotiate debt settlements with your creditors as your first resort.
  • You can have a do-it-yourself bankruptcy filing if it's simple debts you owe.
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